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Company Website profound Customer retain Phone Number: 1-573-331-5024

General Customer assist Phone Number: 573-331-3000

This is a for-profit healthcare facilities company based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The Saint Francis Healthcare System provides services all day of the week for 24 hours a hours of daylight for higher than 715,000 people. Their mailing habitat is:
211 Saint Francis Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

You can get anywhere from general medical to surgical care at this medical center. They are a Catholic-based medical middle that focuses upon offering the best atmosphere of care to patients and keep to intimates members. Some of the facilities they have the funds for include:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Childrens Counseling
  • Health and Workplace Safety
  • Heart Care
  • Imaging Services
  • Maternity Care
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Womens Health
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Wound Care

What separates them from others is the care for their patients as a whole; this includes not single-handedly the body but the mind and energy as well. In addition, they are strongly devoted to elevating the health of the surrounding communities. This is carried out through one of their Community gain programs. Overall this Medical center is enormously united within its own facility and surrounding areas.


Today, they meet the expense of their patients entry to a clear and safe online health guidance dealing out tool. Their online portal is called the Saint Francis Healthcare MyChart. It allows patients to work the gone tasks:

  • Get medical advice from a professional.
  • Manage your appointments.
  • Email and broadcast your provider.
  • Set stirring and update your contact counsel or insurance information.
  • View prescription medication and acquire refills.
  • View lab test results.
  • Pay your medical checking account / make payment to your accounts.
  • Review and update your personal health records.

NOTE: entertain visit the site directly to state the details and obtain more information.

If you obsession to entry the sign in or registration page, follow the easy steps below. We have provided a quick lead for you to find out how you can set in motion a further online account or login and get access to your current account. Be distinct you have your personal counsel upon hand.

What you will obsession to make or sign in to your Saint Francis Healthcare Medical middle MyChart account:

  • internet relationship upon your device
  • personal information

Follow the simple steps under if you are a additional tolerant who needs to register and make a other account to run your medical information:

  1. Visit this join upon your device in an internet browser.
  2. Click upon the SIGN happening NOW button to be redirected here: https://mychart.sfmc.net/MyChart/accesscheck.asp.
  3. Type in your Activation Code in the fields provided. (If you do not have one, click upon the SIGN stirring ONLINE button located under the No Activation Code? ask at the to be redirected here: https://mychart.sfmc.net/MyChart/signup. You will next obsession to present the required counsel to receive an activation code previously touching dispatch to step 4. Your activation code will expire after 30 days and is no longer legitimate after the first period you use it. If you still have problems, you can call the first phone number provided at the introduction of this article.)
  4. Type in your Zip Code in the arena provided.
  5. Input your Date of Birth in the fields provided.
  6. Click upon the Next button.
  7. Proceed to have emotional impact focus on and pay for all the required counsel to conclusive the registration for a supplementary online account.

www.sfmc.net/mychart | Saint Francis Healthcare Medical Center MyChart

Saint Francis Healthcare Medical Center MyChart

Steps if you are a CURRENT compliant looking to sign into your current account online:

  1. Visit: www.sfmc.net/mychart OR https://mychart.sfmc.net/MyChart/ upon your device.
  2. Type in your username and password in the fields provided.
  3. Click on the SIGN IN button and begin managing your current online account.

Download the clear app today:

Download and begin using now in view of that that no situation where you are taking into account upon the road, at home, or at work, you can easily entrance your personal healthcare suggestion from any device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone.

Log in using the same website login ID and password. If you are not yet signed up, click Sign Up on your mobile device to begin the process.

Need to PAY a description as a GUEST online taking into account fast Pay?:
Youll infatuation the later than suggestion from your statement:

  • Guarantor account number
  • Guarantor last name
  1. Visit: https://mychart.sfmc.net/MyChart/billing/guestpay/
  2. Proceed to allow every the required instruction to make a one get older payment online. Enter the account details that exactly be of the same opinion the suggestion on your upholding or bill. Use this join for single payments only.