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Aetna Lousiana Members OTCHS – Company Website or Online Account Phone Number: 1-888-628-2770 / TTY: 1-877-672-2688.Members General Customer benefits Phone Number: 1-800-242-0802

This company has been in thing for more than 30 years. OTC Health Solutions was founded in 2001 and their house is: 9400 NW 104 Street Medley, FL 33178. Today both perform together to offer eligible members admission to the OTC products house delivery program.

You will obsession to view your personal Evidence of Coverage for a savings account of your plot benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Each plan features and availability may change by further area.

Over-the-counter drugs are medicines that you can purchase without a prescription. They are used for the treatment of teenager health problems. These types of medicines are secure and in force gone you directly follow the directions on the label and as directed by your personal health care professional.

Members who are eligible for the program can easily get their exceeding the counter improvement right from the comfort of home. Members who have this complement pro are skillful to order items such as:

  • pain relievers
  • personal care products
  • allergy promote products
  • vitamins
  • baby care products such as:
  • infant gas relief
  • diaper rash ointment
  • wipes
  • cotton swabs
  • oral care products such as:
  • lip balm
  • denture adhesive
  • mouthwash
  • toothbrush
  • oral aching relief
  • dental floss
  • much more!
  • first aid items such as:
  • bandages
  • calamine lotion
  • anti-itch cream
  • iodine
  • epsom salt
  • first aid kit
  • cotton balls
  • rubbing alcohol wipes
  • wart removal
  • gauze
  • & much more
  • eye care such as:
  • dry eye relief
  • eye wash
  • eye drops redness relief
  • cold remedies such as:
  • nasal spray
  • sore throat spray
  • cough drops
  • daytime / nighttime chilly soft gels
  • digital thermometer
  • sore throat lozenges
  • medicated chest rub
  • digestive remedies such as:
  • heartburn promote tablets
  • anti-diarrheal tablets
  • fiber capsules
  • motion disease tabs
  • hemorrhoidal wipes, suppositories, and
  • ointment
  • stool softener
  • and much more!

a house diagnostics product such as a blood pressure monitor
& much more!
These items can every be ordered online, higher than the phone or by fax at no further cost. They are purchased by using a bill / pre-determined money provided under the benefit. The orders are also shipped at no extra costs if the scheme offers this benefit. below are three easy ways that current members of this program can assent their orders:

They can go online (see below upon how to set occurring an account).
They can call beyond the phone: 1-866-628-2770
By mail / fax: 1-866-628-6733 using the order form found here.
To learn more not quite the OTC Benefit, visit this link.

NOTE: make smile visit the site directly to state the details and get your hands on more information.

If you habit to right of entry the sign in or registration page, follow the simple steps below. We have provided a quick guide for you to find out how you can sign in to a current account or motivate a additional online account and get permission to manage it online. Be positive you have your personal guidance upon hand.

What you need to register / sign in to a Aetna Louisiana Members OTCHS / OTC Health Solutions / CVS Health account online:

  • Internet Access
  • Member ID information
  • Personal information
  • Email address

Steps to follow to register for a new online account:

  1. Visit: or this member in your internet browser upon your device.
  2. Click on the little Register associate located under the Login button and you will be directed to:
  3. Type in your member ID in the sports ground provided.
  4. Type in your Zip Code in the pitch provided.
  5. Type in a legal Email residence in the fields provided.
  6. Create and type in a Password in the fields provided.
  7. Click upon the Register button.
  8. Continue to have emotional impact deliver and find the money for all the required opinion until you receive a well-off registration confirmation.

If you successfully registered you will receive an email avowal showing that all is good behind your registration. You will now have full entry to your online account and can begin taking advantage of the OTC pharmacy service that your plan includes if you qualify.

Aetna Lousiana Members OTCHS

Steps to follow to sign in to a current account:

  1. Visit: in your internet browser upon your device.
  2. Type in your supporter ID in the dome provided.
  3. Type in your current Password in the arena provided.
  4. Click upon the Login button.
  5. Begin managing your online account.

Useful Tips for creating / paperwork / submitting your order:

  • When you sign in to your account, you should start by selecting the products comprehensible that you obsession from a list of pre-approved OTC items from a store list / catalog. NOTE: These products are for the members use only. They should not be used by others such as friends, family members, etc. past YOU assent YOUR ORDER: see the bordering tip.
  • Any and all unused foster will expire; they will NOT roll beyond to the next help period. Therefore, create certain you have all the items you need for that pro become old in the past submitting the order. You can not place partial orders.
  • Call the number at the dawn of the article to find out what your money amount is because you will not be allowed to order more than your sum allotted amount per each pro period. For example: if your monthly lead is $25 and your order total is $25.95, you will craving to to delete or separate items from your in order bring the order total back up beside to be within your allowance in order to go along with the request.
  • There is a restriction upon the quantity limit per any single item, per order which is generally five (5). The only exception is for Blood Pressure Monitors, which are limited to one (1) per year. However, there is no limit upon the number of items you can order as long as the sum amount due is within your allotted lead amount.
  • You can expect to have the products to be delivered within 7-10 situation days after you have successfully submitted your order. The products will be mailed directly to the house address that you provided.
  • If you receive any damaged items, you will first need to call the OTC Health Solutions company to allow them know. The item will be replaced similar to an identical item. You are allowed to return the damaged items within 30 days.