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Health Products Benefit – FirstLine Medical Card Customer encourage Representative center Phone Number: 1-800-933-2914

This company began in 2004. This is the year taking into account they first began managing and offering over-the-counter benefits. It was in 2011 they became a ration of the Optum Network which was founded in 2011 in the manner of it became a part of joined HealthGroup or joined Healthcare.

Today, FirstLine Medical offers 3 types of Over-The-Counter (OTC) Solutions. Each answer provides your members later credits that are automatically ready for use for personal shopping for items such as home medical products, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and personal care products. The 3 types of solutions they give are as follows:

  • Health Products Benefit
  • Over-The-Counter Essentials
  • Health Products Card

Reasons To Have A Health Products lead upon Your UHC Plan:

  • Every quarter they will make certain your members know they have credits and that their experience is easy and secure.
  • A Health plot Sales sustain Team is available.
  • This solution offers pardon shipping and combined easy ordering options.

Reasons To Use UHC FirstLine Medical Services:

  • Having a Health Products pro in imitation of your plot will accrual retention and support believer satisfaction.
  • They will control all credits and communications to your members.
  • A free mailing will be sent to members that includes catalog, order form, and event reply envelope along later instructions afterward further ways to order such as by going online and calling it in higher than the phone.
  • They are the source of a wide selection of greater than The Counter products. Items insert both declare brand and generic products.
  • They handle all home deliveries and offer customer serve retain using their call centers.
  • They are amalgamated taking into consideration retailers therefore that your members have the option to shop for their OTC products in-store or by visiting a retail location.
  • All sales materials and member communications that are sent out will be branded by you / your company.
  • The house delivery options are provided at no cost to the member.
  • Reports and Metrics are available.
  • CMS-compliant personal care products are friendly at no cost to your members.

NOTE: engross visit the site directly to announce the details and attain more information.

Health Products Benefit

If you would gone to right of entry the request for more guidance form, follow the easy steps below. We have provided a quick guide for you to concede a demand online in order to get more opinion and details about their facilities and solutions for providing OTC products for your members. | Health Products Benefit

Follow these simple steps under if you are impatient in starting bearing in mind FirstLine Medical:

  1. Visit this connect on your device.
  2. Click upon the REQUEST INFO button located in the summit right hand corner.
  3. Type in the contact say for the company and company herald in the fields provided.
  4. Input email and phone number in the fields provided.
  5. Provide all the supplementary required information.
  6. Click upon the Im not a robot box.
  7. Click on the SEND MESSAGE button.
  8. Continue to change attend to and evaluation every the guidance provided.