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Myorder OTCHS  – The afterward site: has been changed. To view the OTC give support to or to area an order charm visit the supplementary OTC website join provided below. occupy begin using the extra URL now and/or keep it to your favorites!

NEW URL: Company Website or Online Account Phone Number: 1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 711)

To place an OTC order over the phone call: 1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 711)

What is the over-the-counter (OTC) benefit? The OTC improvement offers eligible members an easy exaggeration to acquire generic over-the-counter health and wellness products by mail. Members may order from a list of credited OTC items and later have the products mailed directly to their home house address. OTC Health Solutions was founded in 2001. Their primary try is to give an affordable answer adjoining the rise of health care costs. They offer house delivery of over the counter products to millions of current members. This online aficionada website system is helping eligible health plan members create fine use of their more than the counter help program. Eligible members can choose to submit a request online, by fax, greater than the phone or through mail. OTC Health Solutions works in imitation of CVSHealth and a variety of insurance companies such as:

  • Aetna
  • Global Health
  • Peoples Health
  • Aetna Coventry
  • Viva Health
  • Martins Point
  • Medica Healthcare
  • Doctors Healthcare Plans, Inc.
  • Many others!

NOTE: entertain visit the site directly to confirm the details and attain more information.

If you are a supporter that needs to entrance the sign in or registration page, follow these simple steps below. We have provided a fast lead for you to find out how you can sign in to a current account or trigger a new online account and gain entrance to manage it online. Be clear you have your personal information upon hand.

What you need to register / sign in to an CVS OTC Health Solutions account online:

  • Internet Access
  • Member ID information
  • Personal information
  • Email address

Steps to follow if this is your first mature visiting to make an account online:

1.Visit this associate in your internet browser on your device.
2.Click on the red Create account button located below the First-time visitor? section and you will be directed to
3.Type in your enthusiast ID in the arena provided.
4.Type in your make known in the fields provided.
5.Type in your date of birth in the ground provided.
6.Type in your zip code in the showground provided.
7.Type in a legal email house in the fields provided.
8.Create and type in a password in the fields provided.
9.Click on the red Continue button.
10.Continue to move deliver and have enough money all the required suggestion until you get a well-off registration confirmation.

If you successfully registered you will receive an email encouragement showing that every is fine in imitation of your registration. You will now have full entrance to your online account and can start taking advantage of pharmacy help that you obsession and that you qualify for. Notice: they experience high call volumes the first and last weeks of the month. Your OTCHS order can be placed at any get older during the month.

Steps to follow to sign in to a current responsive account:

1.Visit: in your internet browser upon your device.
2.Type in your fanatic ID or Email dwelling in the sports ground provided.
3.Type in your current Password in the ring provided.
4.Click on the red Sign in button.
5.Start managing your online account.

Myorder OTCHS | CVS | Login Page | http //

Myorder OTCHS CVS Login Page

Important Tips for submitting your online order:

  • Once you have logged in, you can begin an order by selecting items from a list of pre-approved OTC products.
  • You can isolated area one (1) order per each help period. Any unused assistance will NOT roll over to the adjacent lead period. Also, you can NOT create partial / multiple orders in view of that be sure to create a resolution full order for the help become old subsequent to submitting your order online or exceeding the phone.
  • The fine news is there is generally no limit on how many items you may order as long it is within your allotted pro amount. But note that there is a quantity limit of five (5) per any single item, per order, in imitation of the exception of the Blood Pressure Monitors, which are limited to one (1) per year.
    You can not order more than your allotted monthly lead amount. Ex. if your sum plus is $15 and your order total is $15.95, you will be required to cut off items from your in order to meet your total monthly help / bring the order sum encourage by the side of to your allotted amount.
  • What is the amount of your OTC allowance? The amount depends upon your gain plan. Check your Summary of Benefits, Evidence of Coverage, or call the number upon the back of your zealot ID card or the number provided at the initiation of this article.
    RETURN POLICY: They will mail your OTC products directly to your house address. You can expect to get your item within 7-10 event days. You have 30 days to return any damaged items which will be replaced next the thesame item.
  • If you are an Aetna, Coventry, spread Health, or Allina Member: You may call the number found upon your member ID card for personalized advance or questions practically your personal health plan.

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