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HPC – FirstLine Medical Card Customer assist Representative middle Phone Number: 1-800-933-2914

This company was started in 2004. That is when it first began managing over-the-counter benefits. In 2011 they became a allocation of the Optum Network which was founded in 2011 with it became a share of joined HealthGroup.

Today, you will locate that they meet the expense of 3 types of Over-The-Counter (OTC) Solutions. Each provides members in imitation of credits to use for personal shopping for items such as house medical products, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and personal care products. The 3 types are as follows:

  • Over-The-Counter Essentials
  • Health Products Benefit
  • Health Products Card


Reasons To Use A Health Products help Card:

  • A Pre-Loaded Debit Card is mailed directly to members tersely behind the enthusiastic date.
  • Credits will be automatically loaded to believer cards at the introduction of the quarter.
  • The advocate receives Health plot Sales Support.
  • They can use it to order OTC products 4 substitute ways.
  • If shipping, it is free to boat or they can use the In buildup Purchase option. Retail staff are trained upon program and approved products.
  • Members get admission to hundreds of low-cost, vibes products.

A wide selection of approved products are genial past the Card program such a: first aid, stomach-ache management, oral care, bath safety, incontinence and much more!
Reasons To Use FirstLine Medical Services:

  • Having a Health Products pro increases retention and supports devotee satisfaction.
  • They will manage the credits and communications to your members.
  • A mailing will be sent to members that includes catalog, order form, and event answer envelope along afterward instructions later than new ways to order such as online and on top of the phone.
  • They are the source of a broad selection of OTC products both pronounce brand and generic products.
  • They handle all deliveries and manage customer encourage keep call centers.
  • They are united in the same way as retailers to have enough money your members the option to shop for their OTC products in-store.
  • All sales materials and zealot communications sent out will be branded by you / your company.
  • The house delivery options are provided at no cost to the member.
  • Reporting and Metrics are available.
  • CMS-compliant personal care products at no cost to your members.

NOTE: please visit the site directly to pronounce the details and get more information.

www.firstlinemedical.com/health-products-card | HPC


If you dependence to permission the demand more information, follow the simple steps below. We have provided a quick guide for you to concede a request to find out how you receive more details about their services.

Follow these simple steps below if you are enthusiastic in starting in imitation of FirstLine Medical:

  1. Visit this colleague on your device.
  2. Click upon the REQUEST INFO button located in the top right hand corner.
  3. Type in the entre reveal for the company and company post in the fields provided.
  4. Input email and phone number in the fields provided.
  5. Provide every the new required information.
  6. Click upon the Im not a robot box.
  7. Click upon the SEND MESSAGE button.
  8. Continue to move dispatch and evaluation all the guidance provided.