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Activate Your OTC Card – For any questions call the zealot facilities Phone Number located upon the back up of your card.

This information can be for the in the manner of eligible scheme members:

  • CareOregon Advantage
  • incomm Health & Affinity
  • ArchCare
  • and more!

The archives of the OTCNetwork began in 2010. This is later than Medagate Corporation and InComm launched the first national Over-The-Counter (OTC) sustain program for Medicare Advantage plans and their members. They take steps as soon as leading Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans to allow easier consumer permission to eligible items using its reloadable prepaid cards. Their main ambition is to have their cards in style at as many retail locations across the nation as attainable that sell over-the-counter medications.

This would allow eligible Medicare plot members the adaptableness in selecting a pharmacy or retailer from whom they can purchase their OTC products from. To learn more visit: http://otcnetwork-dev.sgnet-solutions.com/.


Over-the-counter drugs are medicines that can be purchased without a prescription. They are generally used for the treatment of teen health problems. They are safe and lively next you follow the directions on the label and as directed by your health care professional. If youre a zealot of a scheme afterward an over-the-counter (OTC) benefit, youll get a Healthfirst OTC card as soon as a pre-funded monthly grant upon enrollment. Items that may be genial gone this money are:

  • Diabetes Care ItemsVitamins & Mineral / Dietary Supplements
  • Cold, Flu, Allergy , Sinus, Asthma Medicines
  • Oral, Eye, Ear, Foot, Skin, Sun Care Products
  • Cough / eruption Throat Relief
  • Pain bolster Medicine
  • Nasal Sprays, Moisturizer & Washes
  • Compression sleeves, garments, and extra accessories
  • Health Supports such as arm slings, braces or bandages
  • Digestive Products
  • Weight run / Nutritional Food Products
  • Smoking Prevention / Deterrents
  • First Aid Items
  • A Blood Pressure Kit or other Diagnostics (Home exam Kits)

Today, they manage to pay for eligible OTC Card Members right of entry to a release and secure online card management tool. The online portal allows patients to put on an act the bearing in mind tasks:

  • Activate their online card / account.
  • Check on the card balance.
  • Check their transaction history.
  • View all the participating retailers.
  • Verify exactly which items are eligible by scanning the barcode subsequent to using the mobile app. Or you can login to your online account to search by product category, manufacturer, and product name.

NOTE: please visit the site directly to establish the details and get more information.

Choose one of the once ways to activate your OTC Card:

  1. Call the Card facilities Department at: 1-888-682-2400 / TTY/TDD 711.
  2. Visit a participating pharmacy or retailer such as:
  3. Rite Aid
  4. Walmart
  5. Walgreens
  6. Go to your online online account for a list of locations or call: 1-888-260-1010 / TTY 1-888-542-3821. You get not habit a prescription. You complete not have to visit the pharmacy window. Just give a positive response your items to the tummy checkout lanes. bearing in mind you check out, swipe the card for payment. every of the approved items will automatically be deducted from your card balance.
  7. Activate the card online. below is a step by step guide.

www.myotccard.com | Activate Your OTC Card | Activation

Activate Your OTC Card

What you will craving to set in motion a card online:

  • Your Medicare aficionado plan ID card number
  • Your OTC card number found upon the tummy of the card
  • Your Date of Birth

Follow these simple steps below infatuation to admission the if you are a other zealot who needs to set in motion their card online:

NOTE since ACTIVATION: Be positive to without help activate your card on the functional date / start date of your plan. If you put into action it any sooner, it may be activated under your previous plan.

TIP: Unused balances will automatically expire at the stop of each pro period or on disenrollment from the scheme so be distinct to use the full amount past then.

  1. Visit: http://www.myotccard.com/ upon your device or click here.
  2. Type in your 16 or 19 digit card number into the arena provided.
  3. Click on the Go button.
  4. Continue to concern concentrate on and find the money for every the required assistance to unmovable the activation.
  5. NOTE: charm visit the site directly to verify the details and get your hands on more information.

You Can in addition to Download the forgive App Today:
Reasons you should download and use the app:

  • Check your card balance.
  • View which items are eligible.
  • Find participating locations.
  • View discounts by scanning the barcode as soon as the app.

Log in using the thesame website login ID and password. If you are not still signed up, click Sign Up upon your mobile device to start the process.

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