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Weight Watchers Login – Customer service Phone Number: 1-800-651-6000. The company was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1963. It was past known as Weight Watchers International, Inc. and its headquarters are in extra York, new York. The rebranding hopes to progress to become known for weight loss products, along once packaged foods, and now health and wellness products. Today, they pay for their customers the opportunity to member the WW Freestyle Program. Reasons to join and login :

  • The program uses a SmartPoints System that is backed by science.
  • It includes more than 200 ZeroPoint foods to pick from that reach not infatuation to be tracked or part controlled.
  • It allows clients to use SmartPoints taking into account a spending budget on food that includes rollovers- transferring points not used to unusual day.
  • Members will get right of entry to a community of extra Freestyle Program members.
  • Members get entry to the WellnessWins Rewards Program that allows members to earn points for tracking meal, to-do and weight and next they can redeem the Wins for rewards such as:
  • travel shoe bag
  • hat
  • journal
  • pouch
  • cookbook
  • WW online shopping voucher
  • tumbler
  • Kohls present card
  • Aaptiv starter membership
  • Headspace starter membership
  • Thrive trial membership
  • obfitness membership
  • option to donate food to a intimates in need


With the Freestyle Program, members can pick from the when plans:

  • Digital only access to the app and website
  • Digital & Studio admission to the app, website, and meetings each week
  • Digital & Personal Coaching right of entry the app, website and receive one upon one phone call and messages and get a personalized performance plan
  • To learn more approximately the different Weight Watchers plans, click here.

NOTE: keep busy visit the site directly to establish the details and make a purchase of more information.

To acquire the most of your qualified programs online account, you will craving to register or login online. If you are a customer that needs to trigger your online account, retrieve below. We have provided a quick how to activation guide under to trigger or login to your account.

Weight Watchers Login

steps under if you are a further customer who needs to make and register an account:

  1. Visit: www.weightwatchers.com/login upon your device.
  2. Proceed to evaluation and then pick a plot that best fits your diet needs.
  3. Continue to concern refer and manage to pay for all the required assistance and solution the online activation and receive a proclamation that you have signed taking place and can direct your new account online.
  4. steps if you are a CURRENT advocate who needs to login to control your account:
  5. Visit: www.weightwatchers.com/login on your device.
  6. Type in your username and password in the spaces provided.
  7. Click upon the LOG IN button.
  8. Manage your online account.

www.weightwatchers.com/login | Weight Watchers | Login

NOTE: compulsion assist to login? click here or here for incite documents.

If you are enrolled in one of the later programs you can as well as follow these steps:

  1. FreeStyle
  2. Quick Start
  3. Quick begin Plus
  4. At Work
  5. Quick Success
  6. Turn Around
  7. The Flex Plan
  8. The Core Plan
  9. The forward movement Plan
  10. Beyond the Scale